Female Hair Loss Alternative Solutions

Female Hair Loss Alternative Solutions; easy and simple explanation as well as what your options are.  Female Hair Loss Alternative Solutions

Hair thinning in women is often treated on two levels:  nutritional (even at bulb level) and hormonal/endocrinal.  Nutritionally speaking, following a healthy diet is essential.  Avoiding coffee, alcohol, simple sugars and simple carbs (white bread, for example), consuming whole grains, extra virgin olive oil, proteins (but not those containing animal fat) can be very useful. 

Try and eat organic foods as much as you can, because pesticides and other treatments in regular food may influence negatively on your hair.  Zinc with Copper, Vitamin C with Iron, biotin, Vitamin B complex (but not too much Vitamin B6), selenium, primrose oil, folic acid and PABA are all very useful.

The most commonly used traditional medicine treatments include topical use of  Minoxidil (up to 5%) but for women, combining this with Progesterone or Ciproterone Acetate is considered very important by trichologists. Find a good dermatologist who is willing to try the latest finds in hair loss in women.

The most common type of female hair loss is due to excessive DHT around the follicles.  The female hair loss alternative solutions, besides making the follicle stronger, making sure it receives adequate nutrition and that it’s not affected by irritants, will need to focus on diminishing DHT around the hair follicle.  Women have naturally more estrogen and progesterone so applying either topically is something that they can do, unlike men.  No matter what you choose, you may want to consider a DHT blocking shampoo.   

Pumpkin Seed Oil and Black Currant Oil are said to possess anti-DHT properties.  We are using them right now, combined; the results are visible, albeit modest.   More female hair loss alternative solutions on supplements for hair loss and on herbs and hair loss (the latter is on a page for men, but the herbs may be indicated for both men and women).

Homeopathy is considered among the best female hair loss alternative solutions; this because it can offer effective remedies which men cannot use.  For example, if you suffer from DHT-related female hair loss, the homeopathic remedy Folliculinum (potency 6c once a day) is excellent in stimulating estrogen and other ‘female’ hormones; I found it very effective on the skin and barely noticeable anywhere else.  I took this remedy for years with great results.

Two other homeopathic remedies for this problem are Sepia and Lycopodium (as explained on the Hair Loss Treatments page).

Other homeopathic remedies against female hair loss are: 

Graphite, Calcarea Carbonica, Pituitary Gland, Thyroidinum, Folliculinum, Thuja.  Before you rush to buy them, you need to understand that a homeopath would be able to follow you better.  However, if you want to try yourself you need to bear in mind that homeopathy can stimulate temporary reactions as the body heals.  Our page on How Homeopathy Works explains this simply.

The recommended doses vary according to each patient’s specific situation and cluster of symptoms. Among the most common is 6c once or twice a day up to 4 weeks, repeated later on if necessary.  More on this on our Homeopathy Doses and Potencies page.