Why Arthritis? Why do you have Arthritis and Real Solutions

Why Arthritis? Why do you have Arthritis and Real Solutions.  I asked myself this question often, because all types of this disease can be devastating. If you want to defeat it rather than ‘patch’ it up, I think you can benefit from reading what I did, because I am today totally pain-free and, above all, free of any symptoms outside and ‘inside’.

Why arthritis and since when? The first time I was asked about the onset of this disease, which affected my hands quite severely (swollen, painful fingers and difficulty doing simple tasks requiring the use of my hands), I was told that it was linked to a traumatic experience taking place more or less just before it. I did not believe it; it sounded flimsy. However, as the pain continued I revisited my options; I was reluctant to start taking pharmaceuticals and I was almost desperate for an alternative. I started eating healthy and taking useful supplements: I noticed a small improvement and I was able to carry on with my daily tasks.

My fear was that this disease may degenerate to the point where my mobility and the way my joints looked would be forever compromised. This fear became reality when I started suffering from unbearable pain in my right elbow and in my right knee, which also began to swell and look and feel as if they were full of liquid. I waswhy arthritis horrified.

I started a course of homeopathic treatment, accompanied by natural supplements targeting my symptoms, and both pain and swelling disappeared in a matter of days. It was neither a miracle nor an anomaly: it was the obvious outcome mainly because arthritis, like other chronic diseases, is more than just the body suddenly ‘breaking down’.  Before I go on I preface it that these days I also use Reiki and, sometimes, only Reiki, when I feel a very mild symptom (like in my knee) is about to emerge (for example due walking too long on hard surfaces); the pain goes away and I am healthy again.

Our body does not ‘suddenly’ break down. Our genes, which may well predispose us to chronic conditions such as arthritis, do not suddenly ‘drive’ our body to act in certain destructive ways for no reason. There is always a reason why certain chronic conditions are triggered. Understanding and accepting this will open an array of possibilities of recovery, and you will be able to choose the course of action which is best for you. You will also probably save a lot of money in the long run and you will certainly become less dependent (over time) from any treatment (natural or otherwise), because your body will be healthy in its entirety.

Why arthritis? Trauma, stress and persistent negative emotions are major triggers of diseases to which we are genetically predisposed. Without such triggers, those predispositions would likely stay dormant. If you read this and you are completely healthy, learning to live physically and emotionally healthily is at the core of your preventative approach; it sounds simplistic but it’s as fundamental as the air your breathe.

However, if you read this and you are already suffering from arthritis (including Rheumatoid Arthritis), your body is already dis-eased, which means that fundamental lifestyle changes alone may well not be enough. Your body has already embarked on a self-destructive path, so to speak, and you need to re-address the way it functions. This is at the basis of many alternative treatments which I have embraced for years and which have never failed me; this is at the basis of homeopathy.

I will give you a very simplistic example: let’s say that I am suffering from arthritis and, before its onset, I suffered a trauma, or I began to suffer from significant stress, or to show signs of repetitive anger (or sadness, or hopelessness). It is unquestionable that what preceded the onset of arthritis in terms of negative physical or psychological states, plays a major role in the subsequent onset of arthritis symptoms. It’s like a chain reaction which, if not addressed, continues to produce and reproduce negative states (physical and psychological). Thus, homeopathy offers a route to ‘peel off’ the various layers of dis-ease until we restore the original, balanced, healthy state we started with.

Once the treatment has restored the healthy functions of our body, we are not permanently ‘saved’ from the disease we are curing. We don’t live our lives in a protected, perfect environment, but we are ‘challenged’ every day by problems and ‘irritants’ (environmental, such as radiation or pollution, or emotional). Thus, we will occasionally need to re-balance ourselves; with regards to arthritis, what I do is treat whatever signs of stress (for example) I begin to show before arthritis symptoms begin to surface again (due to my genetic predisposition).

To give you a final example which I hope clarifies this page on “Why Arthritis”, my worst flare up after years of being symptom-free (and totally healthy, with no signs of degeneration) was days after my father died (prematurely and suddenly, which was particularly traumatic).  Some of my fingers became hugely swollen, bruised and excruciatingly painful, to the point that I could no longer use my right hand in any way.  This time I resorted to homeopathy first for the trauma and then for the symptoms; I then concluded the treatment with Reiki, which helped tremendously; I thought my fingers would stay deformed but they are now as ‘normal-looking’ as anybody else’s.  I look and feel healthy.  More on what homeopathic treatment I used on our new page:  what specific homeopathic treatment I used successfully for my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Also, more on how I used Reiki for my Arthritis.

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