Reiki Treatment (Distant, Usui, Karuna & Shamanic)

Reiki Treatment; why I choose Reiki to help cure my ailments, what it is and where you can find it.  Reiki TreatmentSometimes one is confused by a number of supplements and remedies, or it’s difficult to choose or even find the right remedy (when, for example, you are on holiday).  Moreover, after having tried many supplements and even homeopathy, it felt as if my body required something more.  Sometimes it felt as if I was treating one problem only to see, after a while, another one pop up.  I felt there was something at the bottom of all these ailments which I wasn’t tackling.

I had heard of Reiki before but I was never particularly interested.  Then I lost my father suddenly and prematurely and, shortly afterwards, I lost 2 of my pets, also prematurely.  I was devastated but eventually those painful experiences prompted me, for complex reasons that go beyond the scope of this website, to do something about my life and my health.  So I decided to seek Reiki treatment.  I was very lucky and found a reputable clinic or person (more on this further down).

My ailments at the time were:  a very painful knee, lower back pain, PVC and a terrible post-root-canal ailment which would not heal no matter what I did (and I saw many dentists about it).

My first Reiki session started (after sitting with my practitioner and going through some short relaxation techniques) with my lying on a narrow bed (similar to massage beds), listening to low-volume healing music, whilst the Reiki practitioner started placing her hands above several areas of my body (occasionally touching them, with my permission of course).  The theory is that if you place your Reiki hands above your chakra areas, this will stimulate overall healing.  In practice I found that focusing on specific areas of the body, including those suffering from the specific condition, helps a lot.  My practitioner started with my head but soon was ‘working’ on my jaw area; I immediately felt something like an ‘electric’ tingling exactly at the bottom of my tooth (the one which had undergone a root-canal procedure); after that I felt as if liquid was flowing under that tooth and, after that, I felt ‘lighter’ in that area.  I had similar sensations when the practitioner went on to give me Reiki treatment on my knee, as well as some intensive heat in and around the knee.  When the practitioner place her hands just above my heart, it immediately started beating slowly and regularly, which was a very pleasant experience.

What is Reiki? Reiki, very simply put, is the channeling of energy which exists outside our own body; it’s channeled through the practitioner’s hands (generally), which direct it to where it’s needed.  Sometimes the energy heals you overall, other times it heals specific ailments.  It depends on what you want the Reiki treatment to do (after discussing it with your practitioner).

Only those who underwent proper training can give Reiki.  You can, of course, go to training classes and obtain a Master certificate yourself.  However, be careful where you train; as in every other field, there are charlatans out there.  Always go to official schools, approved by the founding organization headed by William Rand.  Having said this, beware that Reiki training is ridiculously expensive.  I had to ‘shop around’ in various countries, do a mountain of research, and even then I ended up paying more than I wanted to.  There are various levels of training and it can take years to be fully qualified (Usui Master, Karuna, etc).  But if you are interested, don’t let this dissuade you.  On the other hand, if you simply want Reiki treatment from a qualified practitioner, it’s a simpler task and the benefits are immediate.

How to find a good Reiki practitioner:  I chose those who were experienced in both Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki.  My first practitioner was also proficient in Kundalini Yoga.  The great thing about Reiki treatment is that, if you feel that after the first session there is no change whatsoever, you can simply find someone else.  Reiki is not damaging at all so, even if you found an incompetent person, you can simply go elsewhere.

How much does Reiki Treatment cost

prices vary, but one session of one hour should not cost more than 60 dollars in my opinion.  Many charge 80 dollars per hour. Distant Reiki, which is also possible (though it requires more ability on the part of the practitioner), has similar prices.  These days, when I give myself Reiki (or when I give Reiki to others) I only do it for 30 minutes.  For difficult ailments or conditions which you have suffered from for years, you may need to undergo many sessions, once a week or once a month, though eventually you should only need occasional ‘touch ups’.

Beware, though, that some physical ailments often stem out of emotional traumas or stress; if something new happens in your life to cause new stress or new trauma, you will need to undergo more Reiki treatment.  If you are interested in receiving distant Reiki treatment, either traditional Usui or Karuna or Shamanic Reiki, you can contact us.

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