Arthritis Homeopathy Remedies List

Arthritis Homeopathy Remedies List.  I like homeopathy because it can treat the pain and stiffness as a short-term measure but can also truly treat the actual chronic condition (in a very simplistic way of putting it, the ‘cause’ of your Arthritis). In this page I will highlight a list of remedies often used to treat the short-term symptoms (which actually work like any traditional drug, which also treat the short-term symptoms). As mentioned before, the great aspect of homeopathy is not only its effectiveness, but also the absence of damaging side-effects.  

As per the homeopathic remedies best suited to actually treat your long term condition in a way that it ‘disappears’, read my other pages, which explain how constitutional remedies and remedies prescribed by Practical Homeopaths truly work to successfully treat Arthritis.  The following Arthritis Homeopathy Remedies List is primarily for Rheumatoid Arthritis although most of them are also very useful against Osteoarthritis (so I suggest you go through the list regardless of your type of Arthritis).  Arthritis Homeopathy Remedies List

Arnica: it’s a good general remedy usually prescribed for physical trauma. For this reason, it can be a good initial remedy to treat the pain and stiffness created by Rheumatoid Arthritis when it feels as if you were bruised and sore in the affected area, getting worse if you move it or touch it. The dose is 6x twice a day, one on the morning and one in the evening, until it gets better. As mentioned before, seeking the help of a good Practical Homeopath will also treat your Rheumatoid Arthritis once and for all.

Aurum Metallicum:  at times prescribed for those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis who also tend to be depressed, a condition which has probably been there since childhood.  They are often very ‘serious’ and career-focused.  Their pain moves through the muscles and joints and tends to get better with movement and warmth.  The condition and the pain tend to get worse at night and the sufferer may be unable to sleep from the deep pain.

Bryonia: at time prescribed for Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers who, in order to feel better, prefer to be completely immobile and left alone.  Their pain may be tearing or throbbing, include stiffness and is made worse by movement, by being touched and by cold, dry weather.  Dosage:   3x hourly or 4 times a day until symptoms subside.

Calcarea Carbonica:  very helpful homeopathic remedy when sufferers have deep pains (almost exclusively in either one knee or both knees or hands or knees and hands).  Cold and damp environments make the condition worse.  Sufferers may experience fatigue and chilliness and often feel lethargic and at times apathetic.  These individuals are responsible but they can feel overwhelmed by work or situations and for that, they may experience anxiety.  Dosage:  6x twice a day, morning and night.

Calcarea Fluorica:  this homeopathic remedy is useful when Rheumatoid Arthritis causes enlargement and hardness of the affected joints, which may start to develop notes and deformities.  Symptoms may improve with heat and, at times, movement.  If your Rheumatoid Arthritis was caused or triggered by an injury (and if it developed after that injury on the affected area), this remedy is often prescribed.

Dulcamara:   this homeopathic remedy is indicated if your Rheumatoid Arthritis worsens in cold damp environments, where you feel cold and ‘wet’; if you suffers from back pain, if you are susceptible to respiratory infections causing thick yellow mucus, if you suffer from one or more allergies; you may also suffer from chronic stiffness in your muscles.  You may be a heavy-set person.  For immediate relief, you may need to take 3c potency every hour until symptoms subside.

Kali bichromicum (Potassium bichromate):   indicated when your joint problems appear and disappear suddenly, shifting around the affected area quite rapidly.  Symptoms worsen in hot or warm environments.  You may also suffer from asthma or stomach issues.

Kali carbonicum (Potassium carbonate):   this homeopathic remedy may be useful if your Rheumatoid Arthritis presents itself with great stiffness and sharp, spasmodic pain, possibly with thickness or deformity of the joints.  Symptoms tend to worsen in cold and damp environments.  Sufferers may also be morally rigid.

More Arthritis Homeopathy Remedies List:

Kalmia latiflora/latifolia:   a homeopathic remedy which may be prescribed if your Rheumatoid Arthritis starts or resumes suddenly with strong pain; symptoms may begin in the higher joints (such as elbows) and then spread to lower ones (such as the wrists).  You may also feel worse when moving and during the night.

Ledum Palustre:  useful if your rheumatic pain begins in your feet or ankles and then moves upwards, or if your joints feel stiff (as well as painful) and cold on the outside (whilst you feel warm all over).   This homeopathic remedy is also indicated if your joint pain is alleviated by cold applications or if your big toes are painful due to gout.

Pulsatilla:  this homeopathic remedy is indicated if your Rheumatoid Arthritis affects your hips and knees and the pain moves from joint to joint, sometimes affecting your heels.  Symptoms may worsen in the heat and improve when you are outdoors or when you apply cold compresses to the affected areas.  Dosage:  3x every hour.  This is primarily a homeopathic remedy for women and girls.

Rhus Toxicodendron:  indicated when the Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer feels restless; also when symptoms (physically and psychologically) generally improve with warmth and motion.  Joint pain and stiffness usually worsens in the morning and in cold, wet environments.

Ruta Graveolens: this homeopathic remedy is indicated when your condition seems to have developed from repeated overuse (as in some athlete’s cases) and it always worsens from exertion.  The affected areas, which many times include tendons and the joint capsules, feel stiff, weak and ‘crippled’.  Cold and damp environments worsen the condition.

Besides the above arthritis homeopathy remedies list, other useful homeopathic remedies to alleviate symptoms in the short-term (before going to homeopath, for example) could be:

Sulphuricum (pain worse at night and worse in the heat), Mercurius Sulphuricus (Arthritis in the synovial joints), Hepar Suphuris Calcareum (suppurative arthritis, 6x twice a day, morning and night, until symptoms are better, to be repeated if they return), Cimicifuga Racemosa (the condition seems to affect the muscles more than the bones, the sufferer’s mood shifts between happy, sad, talkative, restless), Chamomilla (the Arthritis sufferer has severe pain and tends to be angry and restless), Calcarea Carlionica-Ostrearum (affected areas are the shoulders and the upper back; the sufferer may display fear and confusion), Berberis Vulgaris (for those who suffer from chronic synovitis in their knee/s), Belladonna (the affected areas are red, swollen; there may be some overall body temperature and chill; the pain is sharp and sudden), Arnica Montana (soreness and bruising are also present; the sufferer may just want to ignore the problem), Arctium (neuralgic-type pains), Apis Mellifica (plenty of swelling, not much pain; dosage: 3x ever hour or 4 times a day, until symptoms subside), Actea Spic (hands and feet are the only areas affected), Aconitum (when your Rheumatic symptoms also have fever, in which case they are often given 3x potency every hour until symptoms subside; the sufferer may also be restless and anxious).

In some cases, especially in women, Sepia can be part of a useful arthritis homeopathy remedies list.  No matter which remedy, make sure you fully understand the doses and potencies of homeopathic remedies, before any attempt to self-medicate.

Besides the Arthritis Homeopathy Remedies List above, we have additional remedies explained as to why they could be useful for arthritis.

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