Acid Reflux Arthritis Link

The Acid Reflux Arthritis Link.  The link between Heartburn and Arthritis.  There could be a link between these 2 conditions, with new solutions.  Acid Reflux Arthritis LinkStudies suggests that there many be links between several cluster of diseases, such as the association between disorders of the digestive system and other auto-immune diseases, like some forms of arthritis and even some of skin conditions. Feel free to ‘google search’ that link for yourselves; here I talk about my ‘story’:

I always wondered why, in my life, I was either suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or heartburn, or full-blown GERD (which is when hearburn or acid reflux gets worse and becomes an ‘established’ illness in your body), or some form of arthritis and, at times, even mild eczema. Sometimes I would have simultaneous symptoms, and I would feel generally unwell.

Trying to treat one condition left the door open for the other ones and, unfortunately, most of the doctors I saw never thought of investigating a possible association between this cluster of symptoms.  So I continued to suffer, on and off, with good periods and bad periods, until I did my own research and found my own solutions.  These days you can find more and more information on the association of these diseases, from a genetic point of view and from a nutritional point of view. I think both offer good insights and potentially better solutions to these diseases.

From a genetic point of view, there have been studies that seem to have linked gastro-oesophageal reflux (the back-flow of stomach acid into the esophagus, which is what makes you feel acid in your mouth, causes regurgitation and esophageal and stomach pain) with arthritis: there seems to be a gene marker responsible for this association. The same gene marker also seems to be responsible for ulcerative colitis and other colon (bowel) disorders and the general, often un-diagnosed autoimmune disease called Coeliac (or Celiac) disease (which includes symptoms like arthritis, a wide range of stomach and bowel diseases as well as fatigue, skin and hair problems and many others).

DNA, Food & the Acid Reflux Arthritis Link

From a nutritional point of view, gluten-based intolerance seem to be one of the triggers of this cluster of diseases (which can occur simultaneously but also concurrently). It therefore seems highly advisable to try and reduce gluten from one’s diet, perhaps eliminating it altogether at the beginning (introducing some later on, at increasing levels). Gluten is found in a large number of foods, but you can find alternatives for all of them, including good quality grains such as flax seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding processed food altogether. Avoiding red meats is also advised, for these reasons: it seems that a lot of gluten-based intolerance may indeed stem from the ‘bad stuff’ artificially placed in such foods, including GM (genetically modified food or ingredients, which are much more common than we think in non-organic food).  The very informative movie “Genetic Roulette” (you can just click on the title) is an excellent way to understand this concept under the umbrella of the Acid Reflux Arthritis link.  I placed a link to its YouTube version.

Of course, the bottom line of any intolerance is that our body is getting weaker, for a variety of reasons which include stress (number one) and perhaps a reaction to medications and life-long nutritional mistakes (eating the wrong things for too long, especially processed food or food that contains a lot of pesticides or hormones). A totally healthy body (and mind) does not present intolerance or allergies, because it can ‘tolerate’ much more than a ‘weaker’ body can.

One of the strongest approaches to this cluster of problems is offered by homeopathy (and Reiki, sometimes combined), which treats the whole body and not just one symptom. I found real solutions to my many diseases thanks to homeopathy.

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