Alternative Male Hair Loss Remedies

Alternative Male Hair Loss Remedies. From supplements to herbs to homeopathy, this is what you can do to fight your hair loss if you are a man.  For traditional treatments, read this page and this page, as well as the general hair loss page.  

Besides what already mentioned above, there are many natural ways to stimulate and encourage hair growth, to stop or delay hair loss, to provide better nourishment to the hair bulbs (at times starved by DHD). Other treatments can also re-establish the necessary hormonal or endocrinal balance (and/or thyroid function), all necessary to prevent and stop hair loss. Alternative Male Hair Loss Remedies

Before discussing successful alternative male hair loss remedies, let’s briefly talk about food and drink. At nutritional level it is important to limit coffee, alcohol, simple sugar and simple carbs (such as white bread); at the same time it is essential to follow a healthy and balanced diet which includes whole-grains, proteins (especially if without animal fats), olive oil, some fruits and a lot of vegetables (especially if organic, without pesticides or other chemical treatments which may negatively influence the health of your hair).

Vitamins and Minerals.  Vitamin B complex (without too much vitamin B6), vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Choline, Inositol, Biotine are all useful to improve the health of your hair for both men and women.

Special Supplements.  Lately Pumkin Seed Oil and Black Currant Oil have been hailed as effective against the most common type of hair loss, namely DHT-related.  We are using them right now and we have noticed an improvement, albeit slow.   

Homeopathy.  Remedies which your homeopath may prescribe for you are:

Aurum Metallicum (if you also suffer from headaches and/or acne or boils)

Phosphoric Acid (if your hair loss followed a period of real exhaustion or emotional upheaval)

Selenium (if your hair loss is accompanied by an irritable or painful scalp)

But often you can find a combination of homeopathic remedies specifically formulated for hair loss.  You need to make sure, talking to your homeopath, that they target the very exact symptoms you suffer from, even those which may seem unrelated to hair loss.  This is explained on how does homeopathy work.

More Alternative Male Hair Loss Remedies:

Herbs – Infusions with rosemary or nettle can be useful, applied directly to your scalp. At the same time, to fight premature hair loss and to nourish the hair bulb, herbs or tablets such as echinacea, equisetum arvense or oat can all be useful. Ask your herbs specialist for further information on quantities and modality of use.  More details are on this page.

Aromatherapy.  As complementary treatment against hair loss a scalp massage with essential oils such as trigonella foenum-graecum, ginger, cypress, lavender and rosemary can be useful. Dosage: two drops of such essential oils (one of them) in 15ml of jojoba oil.