Arthritis Knee Pain Natural Cures

Arthritis knee pain natural cures and also other forms of arthritis; (by ‘cure’ I mean treatments and remedies which help your body heal from your specific chronic condition and do not just put a ‘band aid’ on the symptoms) are not impossible to find. Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis all my life, it was very important to me to find treatments which would not have side effects or long term risks for my body.  I researched all my life; I still remember one week of excruciating pain, during a holiday in Las Vegas. I could barely walk and, at night, my knee would not let me sleep from the unbearable pain; it was also so swollen that it look as it had metamorphosed into Cantaloupe melon. I took no pain killers because I did not like to pretend the problem was not there: I am someone who likes to actually heal my body.  This is what I did:

I researched and started taking all the arthritis knee pain natural cures (or at least described as such) I could find, one by one, and writing down what worked and what did not work.

What I found out in the end, just a few years ago, was quite revealing and I hope that I can tell you clearly what I mean, and that it will be the beginning of your solution to knee pain and knee problems.

But let’s start from what are commonly used as arthritis knee pain natural cures or, at least, as contributorarthritis knee pain natural curess to improving the condition. I’ll be brief because you will probably have read about them already:

1 – Glucosamine; some people swear by it, especially for knee joints. It’s a fatty acid which supposedly helps rebuild bones and prevent cartilage wear and tear. It is often suggested together with Chondroitin Sulfate to maximize its effects. I know many are successfully using this supplement, but it never worked for me.

2 – Omega 3 Fatty Acids; they are an all-round good supplement for overall joint and tendon health. I use it. By itself, it never resolved the problem but I think it’s a valuable supplement to take daily. Make sure it’s molecularly distilled to avoid potential Mercury residue.

3 – SAMe: it’s a co-enzyme which supposedly fights arthritis inflammation and pain and helps repair joints and body tissue. I tried it for a short while but, apart from being put off by the high price, I did not think that it was solving the matter for me.
It is often used with TMG to maximize its benefits.

4 – MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) helps build collagen around bone tissues. I have not taken this supplement.

5 – Calcium; everybody knows the benefits of calcium for bones, as it’s essential in the production of bones and teeth; by itself it will not solve your arthritic knee pain, but it’s good if your body has plenty of it. However, rather than taking it in supplement form, it’s much better if your calcium source is completely natural, such as organic low-fat cheese like Cottage Cheese, Feta, Parmesan cheese. I was told by my cardiologist that excessive Calcium taken in supplement form may harden one’s arteries, something that I want to avoid at all costs. So, I increased my consumption of low-fat cheese; it is much better if you buy the organic (and ideally free-range) version of it. Non-organic cheese may come from cows which were fed antibiotics or simply not healthy food which in turn will be passed onto their milk. Free range is better because the cow will not have been confined to factory-like entrapment (super tiny cages in which they can barely move); apart from the cruelty factor, if the animal has led a very unhealthy lifestyle, it is safe to assume that its milk will also be far from optimal.

6 – Vitamin C, good daily supplement which contributes to collage production and protects connective tissues. If you don’t consume enough fresh fruit (not from a can!) daily, you must take Vitamin C daily. It’s a very affordable supplement. I also take it with Vitamin D (400iu per day), which is also important for calcium absorption. However, when I am in a sunny area and I spend about 20 minutes in the sun without sun screen on my arms or legs (early in the morning or late in the afternoon in temperate climate regions, so not where the sun is strong at all times), I don’t feel the need to take Vitamin D supplements. But, the choice is yours and, as always, consult your doctor before making such decisions, especially about sun bathing, which can be risky if done incorrectly. Also, our bodies are not the same.

7 – Silicon (bone tissue binder) and Gelatin (acts like a ‘lubricant’ for your joints. I don’t take either of these 2 supplements. As a vegetarian, I would not take Gelatin anyway, given its source.

In short, I don’t think that any of the above can be described as a ‘cure’ per se, although some of the above supplements have truly helped many people resume their daily activities free of any symptoms.

Which remedies and treatments were arthritis knee pain natural cures for me. Apart a few some of the supplements above, I was told by a good homeopath years ago that my Rheumatoid Arthritis, as in the case of almost everybody, was emotion-based; that my body was ‘attacking itself’ in particular areas (such as my knee or my fingers) due to emotional trauma or emotional stress. She first prescribed homeopathic remedies to help me with the traumas which may have caused the arthritis to begin with; in my case I had very recently suffered from my father’s sudden death and she felt that a ‘Grief’ combination (a mix of Ignatia, Nat Mur and Bach flower remedies of Gorse, Star of Bethlehem and Sweet Chestnut), 200c in potency, once a day, would be important. If your traumas occurred a long time ago it may be best to take a constitutional remedy or a remedy which deals with past traumas, once, in the potency of 1M or even 10M (your homeopath will know, but you can read my potencies explanation); then she prescribed me a combination of homeopathic remedies which would target my arthritis (a mix of Arum, Rhus Tox and Bryonia, 30c in potency). I felt better, the swelling disappeared but I still have occasional pain and some unsightly bump on the affected joint, as if it were a calcification.

Besides the above remedies considered by many to be arthritis knee pain natural cures, I felt more needed to be done. Before I continue, I want to stress that the above treatments may be well enough for you.  They were not enough for me although I must admit they gave me my life back and I could resume daily activities without any problem.  But the fact that the pain re-emerged from time to time, made me think that, in my case, I needed something more.  I therefore decided to undergo some Reki treatment which would focus on trauma healing but also directly onto my knee and hand. It was carried out by a Reiki practitioner I knew well and trusted. She carried out distant Reiki and it worked. I was re-borne. Occasionally, when I am going through stress of some sort, or for reasons I cannot understand (the mind-emotion-body relationship is a complex one), or after having walked far too much on concrete surfaces, or after having climbed too many stairs, my knee starts being mildly painful again. I immediately give myself Reiki directly on my knee or around my knee (or my finger, if my finger seems to go through a flare-up), for about 30 minutes before I go to sleep. Sometime the next day the pain disappears and I am well for days. I now am in the habit of giving myself Reiki almost daily focusing on whichever part of my body needs it; but my knee rarely gives me pain these days.

Interestingly, I used to suffer from lower back pain too (I have scoliosis); I resolved that with exercise targeting my lower back and by applying Reiki to the affected area whenever it begins to be sore.  For lower back pain some of the Arthritis knee pain natural cures listed at the beginning may help too, but the right exercise and Reiki did wonders for me.  It may be that at times what are considered to be arthritis knee pain natural cures by some may work for you, while other times you may find that other natural options work best, because our body is dynamic and so are the triggers.  Consult your doctor before undergoing any treatment of any kind, of course.  

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