Best Treatment for Hair Loss: A Secret Ingredient

In your search for the best treatment for hair loss, you may stumble across a ‘drug’ called Cyproterone Acetate (read this page even if you don’t want to take this drug, because we talk of alternatives too).  Cyproterone Acetate is in my opinion one of the very best topical treatments (in traditional medicine) which are truly effective against androgenetic alopecia (which is the type of hair loss, related to DHT in your scalp, which is the most common in both men and women.

Cyproterone Acetate has powerful anti-androgenetic effects at the receptor level in that it competes (on your scalp) with the ‘terrible’ dehydrotestosterone (DHT, which is what causes the most common type of hair loss as it increasingly sweakens the hair bulbs. Traditionally Cyproterone Acetate was prescribed orally (for example, under the commercial brand Androcur), at times together with the contraceptive pill Dianette (which also has anti-androgenetic characteristics); this was hailed as important in the best treatment for hair loss, and it was certainly effective but:

1 – it was only prescribed to women because of the sexual side-effects in men

2 – it carried the same side-effects as any potent drug in traditional medicine

However these days you can enjoy topical solutions (which you apply directly to your scalp) containing Cyproterone Acetate (from 0.5% to 1% concentration in an alcoholic solution of 60-80°), thus by-passing the systemic side-effects and in fact enjoying its full benefits. And, you can enjoy more natural, gentler naturopathic treatments, as we indicate in other pages of this site.

In order to further its efficacy as best treatment for hair loss (in this case androgenetic hair loss, which is the most common), to such solution Progesterone is sometimes added (from 1% to 2% concentration).

Unfortunately such topical solutions are not available commercially (you can’t pick them up at a store nor through the Internet). However, it is possible, under medical prescription (by a good dermatologist or a good general practitioner) have it prepared by any good pharmacy.

Sometimes Minoxidil (in my opinion incorrectly held as the very best treatment for hair loss) is also added to this topical solution (again, it must be done by a good pharmacist), in a concentration which varies between 2% and 5%. However, before adding Minoxidil, I suggest you read my page on it, where I talk about its potential side-effects.

Side effects of Cyproterone Acetate and of Progesterone if administered as mentioned above (as a topical solution to be applied directly to the scalp) there are no significant side effects; the only possible ‘reaction’ is from the alcohol in the solution, which may cause some minor scalp itching and minor drying of your hair, both easily resolved).