Homeopathy for Menopause

Homeopathy for Menopause. How Early Menopause and Menopausal symptoms (which can trigger arthritis and many other ‘chronic’ conditions) can be treated with homeopathy.   

Menopause takes place when ovaries cease (or dramatically decrease) estrogen production, thus causing the cessation of the menstrual cycle. Most women start experiencing gradual changes (leading towards the pre-menopausal stage) from around forty years of age, though the actual menopause can take place even ten years later. Such changes may start with the menstrual cycle but they can also appear in other forms, such as skin or hair changes, mood changes, stamina changes, decrease ability to focus, etc. As for chHomeopathy for Menopauseanges affecting the menstrual cycle, it can become more frequent (so every twenty days or less, for example) or become less regular (skipping one month every now and then). All above-mentioned changes may be really subtle at first so they may go unnoticed until more ‘severe’ ones appear, such as night sweats, inexplicable weight gain, anxiety, insomnia or interrupted sleep, depression, mood changes, vaginal dryness, total loss of libido and an increase in blood cholesterol. Your skin may become drier or suddenly oily, and you may often experience significant hair loss. Significantly, the onset of arthritis of any kind may well be related to the early onset of menopause.  So are other chronic conditions which seem to emerge out of nowhere and fester in our body, rendering women tired all the time, depressed or irritable.

Homeopathy for Menopause is very helpul; before we talk about that, a mention about a key herbal supplement often recommended as soon as one notices irregularities in one’s period or the initial symptoms of a pre-menopausal state: Agnus Castus.  I witnessed friends’ transformation thanks to high doses of this magnificent herbal remedy.  I talk about this remedy on the female hair loss supplements page .  On this page, I will continue with Homeopathy for Menopause.

Homeopathy is really helpful in both early menopause and the menopause itself. What renders homeopathy so effective is that it does not treat the cluster of symptoms you may experience under the static umbrella of ‘precocious menopause’, for example, but it considers the whole of you, your whole body, the potential outer and inner influences and any type of imbalance your body may be experiencing (so not only hormonal imbalances but also emotional, chemical, environmental and so on). Thus, homeopathy concentrates not just on the ‘diagnosed condition’ but also (and above all) on you as a whole and, for this reason, two women suffering from the same menopausal symptoms will not necessarily be prescribed the same homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is truly custom-made as no other medicine is. 

Homeopathy for Menopause Case Study: Gloria had started to notice ‘spotting’ between her menstrual cycles; her periods, which used to be ‘perfect’, had become more frequent. She’d started to experience sudden joint pain (knee and elbow in particular), significant hair loss, mood changes, significant anxiety (especially at night), a real plunge in her libido, constant fatigue yet severe difficulty in having a good night’s sleep. She’d always been relatively stubborn and tended to prefer being in control in general (thus fearing loss of control in her life’s situations or relationships); she tended to worry about everything and anything and suffer from mild vertigo.

Gloria wasn’t interested in trying conventional drugs and preferred to try homeopathy. The above symptomatology led her homeopath to prescribe Calcarea Carbonica. One month later her libido had already returned and her cycle was more ‘normal’; her hair loss (and scalp condition) had improved. This can be described as a Classical Homeopath’s approach; a Practical Homeopath may opt to prescribe additional remedies for the following months, such as a low daily dose of Folliculinum for the first 14 days (followed by a low daily dose of Sepia for the following 14). But, as symptoms improve, the homeopathic remedies plan may be modify to suit the body’s response.

As for arthritis which is triggered (or worsens) by the early onset of the menopause, pain, stiffness and swelling may disappear overnight or take a few weeks. However, if the right course of homeopathic treatment is prescribed, you should notice a noticeable improvement in only 3 weeks.

It is very important, before self-medicating, that you fully understand the doses and potencies of homeopathic remedies, since they do have opposite effects.  If you found this Homeopathy for Menopause page useful, you may also like reading about how Reiki helped me, as well as the real causes of many chronic diseases.