Biosil for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Biosil for Hair Loss Review from our Own Personal Experience (and several research studies, see bottom). This supplement is recommended by several sources as a help towards the essential regenerative processes of hair and skin.  Biosil for Hair Loss

Orthosilicic Acid (Biosil is one of the products selling this ingredient but there are others) has certainly helped my hair improve in thickness, strength and in its general healthy look.

There are not a large number of studies on this ingredients, but what’s available (see below) showed that subjects had a marked improvement in the structure and thickness of their hair after 9 months of continued use.

So, should you try Biosil for hair loss (or another brand with the same ingredient)? 

As mentioned, I bought this ingredient (choline-stabilized orthosilicid acid, under the name of Biosil, but it’s not the only product which offers this ingredient) myself by pure chance (I knew nothing about it until I saw it in a well-stocked natural supplements store); unlike many supplements which I had tried before without any significant results, this one seemed help and after only 1 month I began to notice that new hair was growing on areas where I had severe thinning.

Having said this, I must say that I also continued the use of my favorite DHT blocking shampoo, so the great results may be a compounded effect of the two products.

Some sources maintain that adding a Biotin to a high-quality choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid product will maximize results.  I myself did not do that, but they may have a point, in that Biotin plays a role in hair re-growth, albeit not to the point of being really effective (in my opinion) on its own.

My conclusion after my own great results would be that you could try this supplement in addition to your current treatment.  Like with every supplement, I would recommend you ask your doctor for advice; so far, with the information available and in my own experience, this ingredient seems to carry no side-effects (though, as I mentioned, studies are not plentiful so we are working with limited information).

In terms of doses, I only took Biosil for hair loss one tablet per day although the recommended dose on the label stated 2 tablets a day.  I still noticed good results.

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