Natural Remedies for Menstrual Problems

Natural Remedies for Menstrual Problems. If your doctors are scratching their heads or are offering only heavy drugs, you may wish to consider homeopathy as a solution for your periods problems, from irregularities to fNatural Remedies for Menstrual Problemsull absence.

Besides the obvious explanation (pregnancy), which you must always check for, there are many reasons why, suddenly, you period is absent, skips a month or even several months.  Even if you’ve checked and you are one hundred per cent that it’s no due to pregnancy, you still need to monitor the situation because, if it continues to be absent, you will need to talk to your doctor or, better even, a gynecologist about it.

However, having said this, the absence of your menstrual cycle can be due stress or temporary hormonal imbalances; in these cases, homeopathy can be very useful in making sure that your body finds its balance again and resumes functioning correctly.

Hormonally, absent periods can be due to the ‘malfunctioning’ of pituitary gland, for example; this may trigger imbalances between estrogen and progesterone or even decreasing levels of one of them.  Homeopathic remedies can therefore be useful in regulating what causes or contributes to amenorrhea.  As you may already know, homeopathic remedies treat symptoms and other conditions which may accompany such symptoms; they also take into account the overall constitution of the patient; therefore, what works for me may not work for you and each person may find relief in a set of different homeopathic treatments.  Having said this, these are the natural remedies for menstrual problems (in the homeopathic field) that seem to work generally speaking:

-Calcarea carbonica: this homeopathic remedy is indicated if your period is suddenly absent (or very irregular) and you are also overweight, out of shape, or tend to suffer from anemia, even if mild.

-Ferrum metallicum: for those suffering from absent periods accompanied by diarrhea, malnutrition and (therefore) anaemia.

-Ignatia amara: when amenorrhea seems to be related to deep emotional sorrow, deep love disappointment or grief (all related to ‘love’).

-Natrium Muriaticum: when your periods have tended to be scanty or often late and you tend to be shy, nervous, exhausted; you may also crave salty and highly seasoned foods.

-Pulsatilla: if your periods were often irregular; if you tend to feel sorry for yourself.

Sepia if your periods used to be accompanied by strong pain; if you tend to suffer from depression and tend to want to be alone.

-Sulphur: if you used to suffer from irregular periods before the amenorrhea; moreover, it’s indicated if you also tend to suffer from several skin problems, such as eczema, candida, fungal infections affecting the skin; or if you tend to be absent-minded.

-Aconitum napellus: can be prescribed to treat amenorrhea when there seems to be a correlation with over-exposure to cold or damp weather.

-Belladonna: can be useful if your absent periods are accompanied by  violent lower abdominal pain, if you are also feeling extremely tired, agitated and without any desire to eat.

-Bryonia alba:  may be indicated for absent periods related to experiencing chill or fright.

For the right potencies and dosages, go to Homeopathic Doses and Potencies.  Understanding how homeopathy works is also essential before experimenting with this fantastic way to cure your body.

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