Black Currant Seed Oil for Hair Loss

Black Currant Seed Oil for Hair Loss.  A supplement which can help your hair if it’s too thin, too weak or just not enough! For dosages, scroll down the page.  (We don’t sell any supplements, we just write from our own experiences.)  Black Currant Seed Oil for Hair Loss

If you suffer from hair loss or even some minimal hair thinning, of if your hair is too weak, it breaks easily or it’s brittle or too fine, there are three supplements you should never do without: Omega 3 Fatty Acids (found in salmon, sardines, herring or mackerel as well as flax seeds, or simply purchased as coated pill supplements), Evening Primrose Oil and Black Currant Seed Oil.

These oils encourage hair growth and promote hair strength; this takes place in different ways, which can be simplistically summarized as follows:

1 – It provides moisture (essential for your hair health) and encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to the hair follicle which, in cases of hair thinning, is often ‘starved’ by the damaging hormone DHT.

2 – The healthier flow of nutrients to the hair contributes to hair thickness, hair strength in general but also new hair growth or, at the very least, to slowing down hair loss.

Results of Black Currant Seed Oil for Hair Loss

– If you start taking your supplements now and follow the instructions, you should see an overall improvement in your hair in about 5 to 8 weeks. It is not a magical solution nor will it give you a completely new set of thick, luscious hair but, if the above supplement work for you, you will see significant results in a few weeks. If you suffer from significant hair loss, the above supplements will help but you may also need to consider a complementary hair therapy, such as homeopathy.   Personally, I would not rely only on supplements, no matter how good they are. I would add a topical solution or a DHT-blocking solution, even if only a good DHT-blocking shampoo.

– It is quite common to recommend 500 mg capsules to be taken one to three times per day. If you do not have any allergies to these supplements, you may wish to start with 3 capsules a day and, when you have obtained the result you are happy with, you may be able to lower the frequency to once a day. Some people buy higher-strength capsules, but gauging your reaction to this natural supplement first would be wise.

Recommended Dose for Black Currant Seed Oil for hair loss: follow the instructions on the package.  However, I’d suggest that you combine this supplement with Pumpkin Seed Oil, every day.  The latter has often been suggested as even more potent against DHT.  I take both every day.  I start doubling up on the recommended dosages and then, a few days later, I settle on one pill a day for each.  This is what I do; I’d never recommend you try the same dosage as me but only that you follow the frequency indicated on the package you buy.  Better safe than sorry, always.

Where to Buy Black Currant Seed Oil for hair loss

Whilst Oil of Evening Primrose is common, as are Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Black Current Seed Oil is not quite so commonly found; however, the larger health food stores or even the largest supplement stores, including those online, usually have it. As with every supplement, check the origin, buy quality and don’t always go for the cheapest option. For example, for Omega 3 I always make sure that it only comes from anchovies and sardines and, ideally that these are from European sources and, above, all that they are distilled and ‘purified’. With Black Currant Seed Oil you may opt for an organic option if you can.

Side Effects

If you suffer from seizures Omega-6 acids are not recommended; however, for other consumers Black Currant Seed Oil carries no significant side-effect. Of course, if you think you may be allergic to this product you should avoid it; at the same time, if you are taking medications, check with your doctor for any potential interactions (as with all supplements, I always check at least online for potential interactions with certain drugs – if you are not too ‘Internet-search-savvy’, it’s wise to ask your doctor).

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