Natural Remedies for Acne

Natural Remedies for Acne.  On this page we discuss homeopathic remedies; but we have another page on natural & home remedies against acne.  Natural Remedies for AcneThe following are good homeopathic remedies  you can use to treat acne if you seek a more permanent solution than the usual topical (temporary) ones, a solution which is also very easy and affordable.  Of course, it is always important that you seek the help of a good homeopath to eliminate your acne in a quick and easy (and permanent) way; you will probably feel better on many other levels, since homeopathy cures the whole of you and not only your latest condition.

A good homeopath can go beyond acne and treat the whole of you, because acne can be triggered by a series of constitutional, emotional and environmental reasons, as explained on our homeopathy explanation page and other pages linked to it.

However, as a rule of thumb, the following are homeopathic (natural remedies for acne) which practical/contemporary homeopaths (not necessarily classical homeopaths) often prescribe.   If you don’t understand the following, always refer to our page offering a simple explanation of how homeopathy works. Fully understanding homeopathy will help you choose the best remedy for you.

Calc Sulph .  This homeopathic remedy is for severe, stubborn acne which has yellow pus and it is almost cystic.  It may itch or sting.  Also good if you generally tend to suffer from infections on other parts of your skin, from nose infections or ear infections.  Good also if you tend to react badly towards people who disagree with you.

Pulsatilla .  Great homeopathic remedy for girls who have scanty or irregular menstruation, suffering from a lack of thirst.  Their personality of the acne sufferer is sad, weepy, needy, emotional. He/she always feels better for fresh air or movement.

Silicea .  Boils, abscesses are also present in your acne, with deep pimples which you cannot squeeze.  The sufferer also tends to sweat profusely.  His/her personality displays a lack of confidence and seeks validation from others.

Sulphur .  Good homeopathic remedy if your acne is accompanied by oily skin or oily face; if you have many black pores on chin, lips or nose.  Your pimples may be large and emanate fluid easily.  The acne sufferer may be an intellectual type, a dreamer, often unhappy and lazy and at times selfish.

Kali brom .  This homeopathic remedy is for acne on your forehead, shoulders or back.  It appears with many blackheads and white heads; the subject may be overweight and may be eating too much.  His/her personality may tend to be suspicious.

Thuja .  Good homeopathic remedy for general acne with crusty or moist pimples, or hard pimples with red edges.  The acne sufferer tends to feel ugly and that nobody loves him/her.  He/she may feel ashamed or guilty about something and may have rigid or obsessive thoughts or behavior.

You are advised to seek a homeopath, of course, especially if you know nothing about homeopathy.  My knowledge of homeopathy is quite extensive, so I self-medicate and no longer seek the help of a homeopath.  But at the beginning I sought a homeopath’s help and it was the best health choice I ever made.  Homeopathy works in very different ways from ‘traditional’ medicine.  The success of the homeopathic options among natural remedies for acne lies in the type of remedy but also, very importantly, in the potencies.

Potencies.  The potency of the homeopathic remedies above indicated are usually 6x or (very commonly) 30c.  These are also the potencies you will fine at any pharmacy or health food store selling homeopathic remedies.  However, a homeopath may decide to give you much higher potencies, especially if they are to cure deep-rooted physical or psychological (or emotional) problems you may be carrying with you.  The best online seller is Helios Pharmacy (most homeopaths order from this pharmacy, it’s huge, fully established and its remedies are of the highest quality):  Before you rush to buy any homeopathic remedy, please read our page on homeopathic potencies and dosages.

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