Dundruff Remedies that Work

Dundruff Remedies that Work. Dundruff Remedies that WorkDandruff is a very common affliction affecting about 50 per cent of the population. So, if you are suffering from dandruff, you are in good company! The difference between those showing it and not showing it is whether they are doing something about it or not!

What is dandruff ? It’s made of fragments of the scalp surface (commonly referred to as scales). This takes place when a perfectly normal ‘event’ becomes abnormal, excessive and therefore no longer manageable by the scalp natural processes. This natural ‘event’ is the cyclical renewal of the scalp skin (layers); this normally takes place about every 21 days but, when dandruff occurs, it’s because this cycle is abnormally shorter (every few days) and, because of this, the skin cells have no time to mature and be eliminated normally: this excess of immature cells creates a white accumulation of ‘such cells, creating the scales you find not only on the scalp but also in your hair and on your clothes.

Why does this happen ? The reason why such mechanism takes place (the abnormal cycle of scalp cell renewal) is still not clear; however, there are some factors which certainly aggravate the condition, such as: excess sebum, stress, certain foods (such as red meat for some or caffeine for some other individuals), washing one’s hair too frequently or with products which are too harsh, tiredness, excessive or abrupt climate changes.

Solutions, Dundruff Remedies that Work: the most common solution is of course an anti-dandruff shampoo. Of course it does not resolve the root cause, but anti-dandruff shampoos do block the cycle of cell proliferation. You can find some really good ones and I would suggest you shop around for one which is not only high quality but also is suitable for your specific scalp condition. We like Neutrogena; however, if you also suffer from hair loss, a good quality shampoo which contains anti DHT properties is even better.  However, not everybody can use an anti-dandruff shampoo. For example, if you need to wash you hair with reconstructive shampoos (if your hair is damaged), you won’t be able to use an anti-dandruff shampoo. If it’s the case for you, don’t worry; there are many other solutions.

Lotions, Dundruff Remedies that Workgreat alternative if you can’t use the shampoos (for the reasons underlined above). You can find many types and you apply them on your scalp before going to bed, so that they have all night long to affect your scalp.  Together with any treatment you may have chosen, make sure that your comb or brush are always washed and disinfected, so that you can avoid infecting your already ultra sensitive scalp.

Of course there could be other reasons why you are suddenly suffering from dandruff and, especially when it’s ‘serious’, it’s always a good idea to seek the opinion of a good dermatologist.

Home Dundruff Remedies that Work  

After having washed your hair, your last rinse can be done with a mix of water and natural, pure white wine vinegar (such mixture should be water, 2 tea spoons of natural and pure vinegar and two drops of the essential oil thyme). Such mixture works as a scalp (as well as hair) ‘tonic’; in fact, your hair will be much shinier than usual.

Salt Massage. Before washing your hair massage your entire scalp with some fine natural salt, twice a week. This massage stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and can help even against hair loss, provided your problem is not hormone-based (excessive DHT, the most common form of hair loss), in which case it won’t help at all.

Homeopathic Dundruff Remedies that Work. As already mentioned on the page how homeopathy works, the homeopathic answer to dandruff takes into consideration your whole cluster and history of symptoms, your family and your own history, your overall physical and emotional state. For this reason the homeopathic treatment is completely subjective, so what works for me may not work for you. In a very generalized summary, common homeopathic remedies against dandruff are:

Sepia, if your scalp is humid and/or oily and if your hair roots are sensitive.

Graphite, if your scalp is humid, smelly, covered by an oily crust and/or if you tend to suffer from dirt and grease behind your ears.

Arsenicum, if your scalp is dry, hot, sensitive and often itchy at night; your scalp may present some bold patches.

Natrum Muriaticum, if you suffer from greasy hair with crusts along your hairline, for example long your frontal hairline or along your temples.

Sulphur, if you suffer from thick dandruff and if your scalp becomes dry after washing your hair. If Sulphur does not solve your dandruff in this case, try Thuja once (30c) or (if 9c or 6c), twice a day for 2 days.

Kali Sulphuricum, explained in detail on this page.

Thuja, if you suffer from dandruff and you tend to have a calm personality, if you enjoy pampering yourself on a comfortable couch n front of your TV or whilst reading a book, perhaps under a comforter, Thuja may be the remedy for you.  Thuja is also given to those who suffered from side effects from vaccination.

Doses and dosage of homeopathic remedies. Generally speaking, 6c twice a day (morning and evening) at least 30 minutes away from food and drink, for up to 14 days. Some take 6c three times a day, but it’s all quite subjective to your specific case. Read more on this subject on the page homeopathic dosages.

If you don’t notice a decrease in dandruff almost immediately (or at least within 2 weeks) it will be advisable to seek the help of a good homeopath (Classical Homeopath or Practical Homeopath, ideally the latter but the former will be fine too. This because your dandruff could be a symptom of an underlying condition (even an emotional condition) which you will therefore need to treat homeopathically with ‘deep-acting’ remedies.

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