Best Way to Lose Weight Easily

Best Way to Lose Weight Easily and, yes, you can still eat pizza!  Personally, I’m sick of all these gimmick diets, all these new ways to lose weight fast that pop up every day and, above all, I am sick of the Aitkin’s Diet or the ‘protein only diet’, the ‘fat is good diet’ or anything that focuses on what I believe is the wrong premise.  Why?  Because I (following a nutrition specialist’ advice and after undertaking plenty of research and myself , testing it all on myself) have lost tons of weight in a totally different way; still eating tons of food, I have become healthier altogether.  If you are serious about losing weight, keeping it off and NEVER feel hungry again, this page may help you.  For me, what follows is the Best Way to Lose Weight Easily.

I used to eat everything.  I thought I was following a balanced diet with some occasional ‘treats’.  I exercised regularly and yet, over the years, I could not lose weight easily anymore.  I decreased the amounts of food I was eating and all I achieved was being hungry all the time; I’d lose a few pounds and gain back double the pounds.  I cut out carbs and I lost no significant weight, while feeling depressed, irritable and hungry; I also began to look unhealthy (my skin was looking grey-ish, with no life and definitely I almost seemed to age prematurely!).  I was at my wit’s end.  I was frustrated.  I started taking green coffee bean extracts, even, but the results were very modest at best.  Then, one day, I started feeling ill, and I soon could no longer do what I used to do so easily; I seemed to be tired often, irritated, fatter and fatter and…. I began suffering from chest tightness.  I was in my late thirties!  I was scared and… fat!  I could no longer exercise the usual one to 3 hours a day (no joke) that I would have to exercise in order to prevent being so fat; thus, without strenuous exercise, I became even fatter and nowhere near to finding the answer to a best wbest way to lose weight easilyay to lose weight easily.

I spoke to several heart specialists, underwent some tests (by the way, if you suffer from chest tightness you must see a cardiologist!) and we concluded that I had to revolutionize the way I was eating.  I also spoke to a few nutritionists, one of them cutting-edge, and I did a mountain of research myself.  I therefore undertook a revolution in what I was eating.  Before I continue, let me tell you that what I used to think that ‘mattered’ (how much food, how often, when in the day and of course all the ‘named’ diets out there), proved to be totally inappropriate in my case: they were not helping me lose weight and indeed, they may have played a main role in state of my arteries!  I started by listing foods which do not have bad cholesterol and indeed may help reduce cholesterol and made them a part of my daily food intake.  I eliminated ALL foods which contain bad cholesterol and saturated fats.  I eliminated most processed food.  I still eat  ‘badly’ occasionally (say once a month), but on a daily basis well… Let’s take it a step at a time in explaining what for me has been the best way to lose weight easily.

I eliminated ALL processed food (with occasional exceptions, such as when I visited a great buffet, say no more than once a month).  It’s not true that pizza is bad for you, as long as you make your own with healthy (better if organic) ingredients.  Processed food more often than not includes saturated fats, bad fats, bad oils (such as partially hydrogenated oils), far too much sugar and very ‘bad carbs’; all these ‘bad’ elements do nothing but burden your digestive system.  Eliminating bad cholesterol and saturated fats also means eliminating most meats and a good amount of dairy with a mild exception for extremely lean non-processed (better if organic) white meat and good quality skimmed dairy and cheese but… better if organic and still not too often.  I must confess, I love cheese so I do eat cottage cheese (better if organic) and other cheeses (better if organic), but I would recommend you read its ingredients and keep them to  a minimum.  Having said this, I would prefer real cheese to any red meat (which I have practically cut out) given the importance of calcium (calcium is better if taken in food form than in supplement form, see various new studies confirming this).  My dairy substitute is organic almond/coconut milk (UNsweetened) or organic soy milk (UNsweetened), making sure there is nothing added which is bad to my health.  I add a small amount of natural honey (NOT processed honey, so I buy natural honey from a natural, organic honey farm) to sweeten my ‘lattes’ but, while I was trying to loose weight, I would use the natural sweetener Stevia (no calories and no carbs).  I only use pure cocoa to make a good chocolate drink, with natural Stevia or a tiny bit of natural honey, for example.  Basically, I started reading the labels of each food I was about to buy, eliminating bad cholesterol, high sodium, all sugar-added food (any food that has the ingredient ‘sugar’ or ‘sucrose’ or ‘syrup’ listed) and all saturated fats; I do NOT eat anything that has artificial sweeteners – only Stevia is a good natural, zero-calories sweetener).  I eliminated breads unless it’s home-made whole-grain bread (without all the less-than good extra ingredients you find in most commercial breads).  This makes me want to stress something:  in my experience, it’s not the ‘breads’ which are a problem, but additional ingredients, the bad oils, the preservatives, the chemicals, the sugar, the syrup and so on that are added to the bread.  I therefore avoid it altogether if I don’t find home-made natural whole grain bread (or I make it myself).  Even then, when you are trying to lose weight, I’d keep to a low amount of carbs each day, just to help you out at the beginning (bear in mind that your body needs good carbs, unlike what some ridiculous paleo-diets (they conveniently omit that humans used to eat nuts in the beginning, hence the type of teeth we have; if we had been carnivores – meaning mostly meat eaters – we would have teeth like the tigers or lions or even dogs) would like us to believe.  Good carbs are essential to our healthy living.  My specialist nutritionist told me that without carbs some of our organs will eventually shut down.  If you looked at me today, you would see how healthy, young-looking and frankly perfect-looking skin I have; my parents have terrible skin, so it’s not DNA.  I almost never ate red meat in my life, luckily (I just did not feel like it, thankfully) and these days, as you know, I eat really healthily.  I still ‘eat naughty stuff’ occasionally (not more than once or twice a month maximum) as I mentioned above, but my daily diet is 100% healthy.  Ok, let’s continue with the best way to lose weight easily that works for me.

So, one of the safe concepts to remember as a best way to lose weight easily is that you can eat pretty much anything as long as it is home-made, made with organic natural ingredients, has no sugar added (no sugar, no syrup, no sucrose, etc) and, if it’s a grain, it’s only completely wholegrain organic (adding no sugar and no bad fats of any kind).  The same for pizza and anything else which you can make at home using natural ingredients, no sugar (read the sugar content of any food you buy, it’s a must) and no meat (or very, very little meat and only white meat, so no pork nor beef); not too much dairy and only organic if possible.  To sweeten things, use natural Stevia.

 Another example of a great ingredient for my best way to lose weight easily: I have always loved hummus.  However, even the most ‘natural’ you can buy, if you read the label, will contain less than desirable items and it may not be made with extra virgin olive oil (in my experience the only oil truly good to eat, which I think you should consume daily).  So, I began to make my own at home, and I confess I eat tons of it every day.  How:  I buy organic canned chick peas (I have found some affordable brands, so do your research and make sure there is no sugar added and ideally no sodium added – you can add your own low-sodium salt or salt substitute at home); if you cannot buy organic just get the regular cans, but make sure the listed ingredients are only chick peas, water and salt.  Anything else is not necessary and most likely bad for your health and… waistline (there is an alleged relations, which I totally believe to be true, between toxins, chemicals, pesticides and being fat, inside your body or just outside, or both).  Once you have your chick peas, add chopped FRESH organic garlic (any quantity you want) and mix it up, or mash it together; then, add some natural SEA salt, some extra virgin olive oil and, in the end, some freshly squeezed lemon juice (I buy organic but it’s up to you, it may not be essential as far as lemons are concerned).

It’s the best meal I can make, I love it, and it’s helped me shed a lot of weight.  It’s supposed to be (as a combination of those specific ingredients) very strong at reducing your bad cholesterol too.  I eat tons of it, even late at night.  No hunger.  And I lose weight.  It’s certainly my best way to lose weight easily.

I have also bought quinoa and couscous (organic) and I use a little of it in everything, as a much healthier replacement to rice or pasta.  Having said this, if you made your own whole grain pasta at home it would be much better (read the bottom of this paragraph about a new study on pasta and similar carbs, it’ll make you happy).  I love it and it’s total goodness.  Somehow, provided I stick to a modest amount, it helps me lose weight too.  If you are starting your diet, you may want to limit any carbs, even the very good carbs, to a modest amount, and make sure that what you eat most of are organic vegetables with extra virgin olive oil (and any spice you want, provided it has zero or near zero calories).  For protein, buy organic protein powder to mix with your unsweetened almond/coconut or soy milk (if soy it must be organic to avoid genetically modified soy) or simply add a hard-boiled egg (ONLY free range or organic and free range, you don’t want to eat factory-eggs, for your health and for ethical reasons) to your salads or vegetables.  Do NOT use mayonnaise or any dressings unless you make them yourself or unless they are totally natural and made with simple ingredients (and without sugar).  They must not contain canola, soy or palm oil unless they are 100% organic.  Extra virgin olive oil is always preferable, even if not organic. Do not eat any ‘sauce’ which is creamy and which has more than very basic ingredients ( = nothing you can buy or eat at a restaurant, usually).

Let’s continue with protein as part of my best way to lose weight easily.  Fish is absolutely fine, including tuna and salmon (they contain cholesterol-fighting properties), but it cannot be fried or in any sauce made of dairy.  No batter, no bread crumbs.  So, steam it and add extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon and some salt to it.

Needless to say, avoid butter unless it’s 100% natural (but don’t eat much of it, it’s full of calories) and margarine; I only eat butter-substitutes which are made exclusively of extra virgin olive oil without any additives or additional ingredients.

There is a bit of controversy over eggs, which are very high in cholesterol.  Some researchers seem to have found strong cholesterol-fighting properties which counteract (basically put) the existing cholesterol in the egg; other studies suggest that the cholesterol in the egg is in a ‘good’ form.  To be on the safe side, I still eat twice a week, only hard-boiled  (with extra virgin olive oil and salt added in the end) or poached.  I only eat organic, free range eggs for the reasons highlighted above.  There is no reason whatsoever for buying ‘factory eggs’ since the saving is small and frankly, why would you want to eat something that’s not good for you and it creates so much cruelty to those poor, suffering animals?  Eggs, cheese etc. are not meant to come from animals which are kept in tight cages without the ability to move, sitting on their own feces and getting sick all the time; they are meant to be derived from animals which are healthy.  I love my body and I won’t put anything inside that’s not the best of its kind.  You should too.  You know, when I was struggling financially I still would not sacrifice what I ate.  I would rather buy my clothes and shoes at a thrift store (even now I never buy clothes that are ridiculous expensive, to me that’s a real waste of money). I would certainly not buy gold or jewelry of any kind.  Looking healthy goes much further than anything else.  You could wear a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt or  a simple 15-dollar dress and look amazing, if your face and body are healthy.

Eating so ‘naturally’ and healthily helps me lose weight also because it gives my body all the nutrition it needs: because of that, I never feel hungry.  And, if I feel like watching TV and eating something even without being hungry, a healthy plate of such natural meals will be absolutely fine!  If it’s late in the night, make yourself the tastiest salad you can make, using olives, mustard or any healthy condiment (no sugar, remember?).   If in doubt, stick to a fresh salad with a small amount of home-made hummus, extra virgin olive oil, natural mustard (read the ingredients and don’t buy anything that’s artificial or contains non-organic canola, soy or palm oil and, of course anything that contains sugar).

My final thoughts on the best way to lose weight easily. Finding the best way to lose weight easily is an ever-evolving search in that every year there are findings which at times can be confusing.  I try them and then I write about them here if they worked.  I keep this page as up-to-date as possible.  Don’t starve yourself.  Keep to a very natural way to eat, make it tasty and spicy (red chilies are great, for example, as well as any natural spice) so that you don’t crave the bad food you used to eat.

You will need to add exercise to your daily routine.  I use the same gentle but efficient exercises recommended for arthritis sufferers.  If you found this page on Best Way to Lose Weight Easily useful, please share it!