Hair Loss Cures Guide & Advice

Hair Loss Cures Guide and Advice from experience:  from Follicle Stimulators to DHT Blockers.  From the most popular to natural secrets  

Hair Loss Cures

For those wanting to skip to the most used follicle stimulators, skip to this page.  For the latest cure offering total hair re-growth, go to this page.  Hair loss affects a huge number of people and many battle with it every day for the rest of their lives. There are ‘new products’ from every corner being advertised as the new ‘best’ hair loss solution: yet, so many people still suffer from it and, let’s face it, if there were a completely successful over-the-counter, easy cure there would be nobody walking on the planet with receding or falling hair.  

The fact is that there are really effective solutions, but not (from our experience) if you expect them to come from an ‘easy’, over-the-counter lotion or pill (or similar). There are hair loss cures or, rather, near-cures (including some very effective hair loss drugs from traditional medicine) which significantly improve your hair and significantly reduce hair falling, but knowing which ones actually work and which ones are only ‘hype’ will probably save you a lot of money and … A lot of unnecessary stress.

Some of us have battled hair loss from an early age, even from our late teens, and have tried a number of solutions, some very successful and others a completely waste of time and money. Two of us were very lucky, when, refusing to give in and never taking no for an answer, we visited a number of dermatologists until we found one who was extremely knowledgeable about hair loss, understood our specific ‘problem’ and its causes, and did not hesitate to prescribe and administer what some would probably still consider ‘revolutionary’ or ‘unknown’ treatments. We were lucky. For years our hair was strong, thick and beautiful; it had completely stopped falling and indeed had re-grown to its full, former ‘glory’. This was in Southern Europe.  

But then, we moved to a completely different country and, 5 years later, when the problem started to resurface, we faced a wall of ignorance, literally, where ‘traditional’ dermatologists were (it seemed) completely unaware of any effective treatment; the alternative was a ridiculously expensive private sector where it was hard to distinguish between real, knowledgeable physicians to scam artists. We tried to contact our former dermatologist but, in a tragic twist, he’d died in a car accident.

So, we felt we had to start from zero all over again. We went through a few ‘useless’ lotions ourselves, despite the heavy price tags; then we tried Minoxidil and a number of other alternatives: years later, we have not found a solution yet which can fully restore one’s hair to its former glory (and completely stop it from falling), though we have become knowledgeable about what’s working reasonably well and what is not. Moreover, as we have become more health-conscious, we have tried to familiarize ourselves with natural hair loss cures or (rather) near-cures, ‘natural’ alternatives or, at least, complementary hair loss cures without any side-effects for our body.

In our searches and ‘tribulations’, forever looking for the perfect solution for hair loss, we have decided to write about all our experiments, experiences, our friends’ experiences with hair loss and its various ‘treatments’, so that we can talk about this problem from the perspective of ‘sufferers’ and not ‘sellers of products’.

This website will not sell you anything; it will only tell you what our experience was and is with the various hair loss ‘treatments’, from effective drugs to natural hair loss treatments, what our own researched has revealed, the truly revolutionary, recent hair re-growth discovery waiting to be ‘rolled out’, all effective ‘natural’, alternative and complementary methods used in the forever-attempt not only to stop one’s hair loss but also to stimulate hair re-growth.  

Shampoos which work very well against hair loss