New Hair Growth Treatments to Stop Hair Loss

New Hair Growth Treatments. The Fabulous Alternative stemming from the revolutionary anti-hair loss compound discovery New Hair Growth Treatments

A revolutionary discovery which completely stops hair loss and promotes total hair growth (still at the initial stages, read all about it on New Discovery for Hair Loss page) has open the way for a real alternative medicine solution.

You may already know about the new discovery which could ensure a complete cure from hair loss affecting men and women everywhere in the world. It’s a chemical compound (a peptide called astressin-B) which blocks the attacks on the hair follicles (in a series of complex steps, including excesses of the ‘dreaded’ DHT hormone) by a stress-related hormone (corticotrophin-releasing factor or CRF); equally importantly and perhaps even more so is the fact that this compound has shown to completely allow hair regrowth.

Does it mean we now have real new hair growth treatments? Yes, we do.  At least in theory.  More clinical studies and tests need to be undertaken, and it’s a matter of it going through the highly bureaucratic process of it being ‘approved’ and overcoming other potential difficulties in the its rolling-out process. But this is where it gets really interesting, in that we may not have to wait for this miraculous discovery to be available in all pharmacies:

we know that some alternative medicine, such as homeopathy, offer effective alternatives to a number of diseases and conditions. (In North America homeopathy is a ‘branch’ of naturopathy, whilst in Europe it is a stand-alone, recognized alternative medicine method which many traditional medical specialists are now studying and specializing in as a way to offer comprehensive approaches to diseases; unfortunately in North American it faces resistance for a number of reasons, in my opinion having all to do with ‘special interest groups’.  

Since the primary healing property of the discovered peptide astressin-B is to treat stress-related colon (and other intestinal) problems, homeopathy (and Practical Homeopathy in particular) needs to look at the various homeopathic remedies capable of treating stress-related colon diseases and other stress-related intestinal diseases. Amongst these Lycopodium is, for example, at times indicated. Bearing in mind that homeopathic remedies need to be prescribed taking into consideration a series of symptoms, body and emotional ‘types’, Lycopodium will act in a way similar to the new revolutionary chemical compound described above because it addresses the same gastro-intestinal problems and its causes. So, if you wish to try this fabulous alternative method whilst you are waiting for new hair growth treatments to be available on the pharmacy shelves, Lycopodium will be an alternative for those suffering from significant hair loss in conjunction with:

Constant or tendency to  – constipation, haemorrhoids, potentially low libido and prostate issues in men; fatigue, neuralgic headaches, psoriasis or eczema, overworked or lowered immune system; insomnia, worries about being alone or being ‘left’ by a partner, insecurity, anxiety and, sometimes, talking/laughing during sleep.

Details on the new hair growth treatments are on Hair Re-Growth News. Details on how homeopathy must be taken (doses and potencies) are on Homeopathy Dosages.