The Must-Know Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercise Link

Findings on the Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercise link.

A new study has just revealed a key link between rheumatoid arthritis and exercise. We think that the following is what any rheumatoid arthritis sufferer needs to know to prevent serious damage to one’s health.

Many rheumatoid arthritis patients suffer from so much stiffness, pain and (among other symptoms) fatigue, that they tend to avoid exercise and movement. Sooner or later they may tend to avoid stairs and even avoid walking altogether, becoming increasingly sedentary and immobile. This may be thought as inevitable and even necessary: however, a reputable study has found that lack of physical activity is an extremely detrimental attitude for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercise

Thus, appropriate forms of exercise may well spare your body from further damage or at least contribute to postponing health crises due to rheumatoid arthritis. Even though in the past doctors used to recommend plenty of rest to R.A. sufferers,, it is now becoming clear that physical activity is in fact much more important, even essential; unfortunately this study also found that almost half of rheumatoid arthritis suffers tend to be very sedentary, to the point of risking dire consequences.

 The Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercise link and must-know point. Unlike common belief, it has now been shown that being physically active is key to maintaining joint flexibility, joint movement, joint strength and even to keep stiffness and pain at bay, and that this is true for all ages. Whilst it may be wise to rest your joint during a flare up (the acute, temporary phases of rheumatoid arthritis), as soon as symptoms are back to being ‘chronic rather than acute’, sufferers must resume or start appropriate physical activity on a daily basis (of course under the supervision and advice of one’s doctor). Appropriate exercise is generally understood to be gentle, moderate but regular, such as gentle cycling and swimming (the best activity for those whose rheumatoid arthritis is severe).

It is understanding that, whilst one feels pain and stiffness (and often fatigue), the most desired choice of action is rest and the minimization of physical activity; however, resuming or beginning a regime of moderate exercise, to be undertaken daily for one hour (or at least for about 10 minutes several times a day) is essential for joint health. Moreover, since rheumatoid arthritis often affects your heart health, keeping oneself physically active, undertaking regular exercise, is essential to minimize the already present risk of heart disease.

So, if you can (and with proper medical supervision), abandon your wheelchair and start physical activity, for the sake of your joints’ and your heart’s health.  If you found this page on the Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercise link, you may find the following useful too:

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