Provillus Review: Does it Work?

Provillus Review.  Let’s look at Provillus with objective, unbiased eyes. Does it actually work?  Provillus Review

Most natural supplements against hair loss will only work partially and, if you are bald or severely balding, you will need to at least complement them with strong DHT blockers (pharmaceuticals).  However, there are supplements and natural approaches which can, combined, completely substitute traditional medicine.  Even some homeopathic approaches can be very effective, especially for women, as discuss with Folliculunim.  We are man and woman and we are only using natural supplements; however, there are a large number of supplements which work well together so, when you buy a product such as Provillus, you need to make sure it contains all the ingredients you need to save your hair.

Provillus Review: the active ingredients of Provillus are 1) Minoxidil(a blood circulation stimulant which has no anti-DHT* properties unlike what you may have read, and you can buy Minoxidil in any reputable drug store at average potency or have a pharmacist prepare it for you at a much higher potency under a dermatologist’s or doctor’s prescription); 2) Saw Palmetto (herbal product which can be effective but certainly not as effective as Propecia when you take it as oral supplement), whose efficacy as topical application has never really been clinically proven unless combined with many other herbs); 3) Azelaic Acid (usually used against mild to moderate acne as a cream formulation of 20% concentration with mixed results and still not proven to be effective for hair growth), as well as Vitamin B6 (which in my opinion is not advisable for hair loss because – my dermatologist informed me – it may actually stimulate DHT production), Biotin, Zinc, Nettle (Urtica dioica), Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima, seed), Eleuthero Root (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Uva-Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, root)
Muria Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides).  I do not see Blackcurrant Oil nor Orthosilicic Acid, ingredients which I use with success.

So, what’s the conclusion or our Provillus review? In our opinion this product is one of many available of average efficacy (at best) against hair loss. It can help you against baldness but no more than Minoxidil or Rogaine can if you combine them with other topical treatments currently available. In fact, you can ask your doctor or dermatologist to prescribe a combination of much more powerful ingredients (such as Ciproterone Acetate and a higher-concentration of Minoxidil and, if you are a woman, combine them with Progesterone or other anti-DHT ingredients) as a topical solution which will deliver serious results.

As per oral supplements, I’d advise you research all the active ingredients, including the supplements we recommend for hair loss from our own experience and decide which option is best for you.  Ideally, one pill including all the essential ingredients would be welcome but, as far as I know, it does not exist yet.  You may also want to combine any treatment with a good shampoo which blocks DHT.