Natrum Muriaticum Hair Loss Benefits (and Lycopodium)

Natrum Muriaticum Hair Loss Benefits (and Lycopodium). These remedies can indeed help, from our experience. Let’s explain it as simply as possible:  Natrum Muriaticum Hair Loss Benefits

Homeopathy is a complex alternative treatment and it requires deep understanding and, of course, for this reason, finding an experienced, professional homeopath who comes highly recommended is key. However, understanding how homeopathy works and how certain remedies can help is also important for yourself and to manage your own health and choices of practitioner.

If you unsure as to which remedy is right for you, always consider the ‘symptoms’ of the mind as well: what’s your personality like? Are you stressed? How do you express your emotions, and so forth. Homeopathy treats the overall person, including his or her personality, and not just a physical symptom. The general consensus is that when the personality is treated, the ‘outside symptom’ also disappears.

So, if you are considering the Natrum Muriaticum Hair Loss Benefits (and/or Lycopodium’s), consider if you have some of the following ‘mental’ characteristics:

NATRUM MURIATICUM PERSONALITY (Natrum Muriaticum Hair Loss Benefits):

These characteristics need to match some of yours, if we are to conclude that it’s the right remedy for you: craves salt and salt-filled foods. This is very important. At some stages of my life I have found myself craving unhealthy amounts of salt and salt-filled foods. Even if generally speaking I don’t come off as a Natrum Muriaticum personality, at different stages in my life I have developed a tendency to be one, and my craving salt has always been a red flag for this.

Tends to suffer from mild Depression

May suffer from constant or frequent headaches.

Does not like sympathy from others

Symptoms are often stemming from shock, grief or high stress.

May suffer (or tend to suffer) from mouth ulcers or cold sores

Also hair loss with or without dandruff and oily scalp.

Unexplained nausea.


You to suffer from flatulence

Many symptoms or pains move from right to left

You may feel worse from around 4 P.M. to 8 P.M.

You prefer sweets and sugar (but, even though I don’t like sugar I have often benefited from lycopodium to some extent)

Your hair loss is often accompanied by premature grey hair

You may or may have suffered from liver problems

You may tend to cry easily

You may lack in confidence but you are perfectly capable.

You may have premature wrinkles on your forehead

You don’t like to be contradicted

As I said, I have at times enjoyed Natrum Muriaticum Hair Loss Benefits as well as Lycopodium’s.  Sometimes a good homeopathy may have prescribed me both in a very complex way and this is to be avoided by a non-professional. You are better off trying what you think it’s the most suitable remedy and see if, in time, you see any results before changing remedy.

Read the general guidelines on potencies and doses before taking any homeopathic remedy.

However, and this is important, if you notice chronic hair loss with the sudden onset of one or more symptoms which characterise a particular remedy, 200c could be the most suitable doses (it’s often regarded as an ‘emergency’ dose), taking once a day until the symptoms go away (for up to a maximum of 4 consecutive days) or one pill in the morning and one in the evening (and then wait and see). Once, for example, I noticed that my symptoms were suddenly accompanied by a mouth ulcer; I took Nat Mur 200c and I felt better almost immediately. I repeated 12 hours later.  If you suffer from dandruff as well, you may also wish to take KALI SULF 6X (four tablets or pills four times a day) until symptoms disappear, but up to 4 days.

Some forms of hair loss are treated with Phosphorous, most often a potency of 10M. I will talk about this later on and I do urge you not to try it until you have done all your research on this remedy and you understand high potencies.

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Note: this is my experience and is not to be taken as a medical prescription, of course.