Kalium Sulphuricum for Dandruff & Hair Loss

Kalium Sulphuricum for Dandruff and Hair Loss.  Simple Explanation and Advice.  Kalium Sulphuricum for Dandruff

Homeopathy is a complex alternative treatment and it requires deep understanding and, of course, for this reason, finding an experienced, professional homeopath who comes highly recommended is key. However, we have a simple page explaining how homeopathy works and how certain remedies can help is also important. But on this page let’s talk about this specific remedy:

The specifics of how Kalium Sulphuricum for Dandruff & Hair Loss may help you:

Kalium (or Kali) Sulphuricum may be an effective alternative for hair loss with dandruff if you are someone who prefers natural cures. As already described on my page on DHT blocking shampoos, dandruff, itching and inflammation are often accompanying elements of androgenic hair loss, the most common form of male and female hair loss. Kali treats all of these symptoms and, for it to be chosen as the appropriate remedy for your hair problems, you must the majority of those symptoms (see further down).

To explain further, as you may already know by reading how homeopathy works, a homeopathic remedy takes into consideration a cluster of symptoms, some of them seemingly unrelated to the one you are trying to resolve (as, in this case, hair loss). Kali Sulphuricum seems to be particularly indicated for hair loss sufferers who also have some or all of the symptoms or characteristics below:

Dandruff with profuse desquamation; the scalp is inflamed; tendency to inflammation in other areas of the body. The scalp may already present bald spots or areas where the hair is particularly thin. You may also suffer (or have suffered from) psoriasis and/or eczema. Your scalp may present excess sebum (oily scalp, not oily hair) or you may have suffered from seborrhoea, sometimes with eczema. On occasion you may also suffer from ringworm of the scalp or some other form of fungus infection.

Other symptoms may or may not be present, such as: 

Tendency to suffer from ear discharge, often yellow (but not always); some difficulty breathing (could be presenting itself just as simple snoring) even after adenoids have been removed.

Nausea and feeling ‘full’; tendency to constipation and haemorrhoids with occasional or frequent colicky pains (this could just have been a characteristic of the past); tongue may be yellow coated and your gums may be sore. Sufferer may dislike hot drinks.

If you are a woman, you may also suffer from delayed periods, often very light.

You may tend to suffer from some form of bronchial asthma with yellow expectoration and some coarseness.

You may tend to feel worse at night, such as suffering from raised temperature at night.

Symptoms may seem or feel worse in warm rooms and better in the open air.

Kalium Sulphuricum for Dandruff & Hair Loss Potencies: third to twelfth. However, for a more detailed and accurate explanation of homeopathic dosages and potencies and dosages, and how to choose them, go to our Potencies and Dosages page.

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