Gout: Lower Uric Acid Naturally and Quickly

Gout: How to Lower Uric Acid naturally and quickly

If you need to Lower Uric Acid Naturally and quickly there are ways you can do so and we explain it on this page; at the bottom you can find long-term solutions.  Lower Uric Acid NaturallyAs you may already know, gout is caused by uric acid excesses accumulating in certain parts of your body, often your joints and/or your big toe, in the form of urate crystals. Once you have been diagnosed with the disease you will probably be prescribed one of several drugs to suppress such production. However, this will not get to the root of the problem and you may have to take drugs for a very long time, ‘managing’ the problem rather than curing it.

This because of 2 reasons:

1 – These suppressant drugs control the uric acid levels in your blood. However, it is often that case that you will have already urate crystals (when the acid uric can no longer be dissolved because there is so much of it, it hardens in the form of crystals) accumulated in the synovial fluid of joints and they will not be removed by the drugs. If your gout condition is chronic, chances are high that some the urate crystals has already formed in your kidneys which blocked some of the kidney tubules. The pain you feel at your back is the result of the built up of urine pressure in the tubules. It is safer to get a proper medical check up to confirm the actual cause of your kidney pain.

2 – The root of the problem, whether it’s dietary or due to an imbalance in your system, is not addressed, creating a vicious circle of cause – effect – suppression (which does not eliminate the cause, so the cycle repeats itself).

 So, even if you have opted for traditional pharmaceuticals, it may be advisable to address the problem as the overall cause and as already-formed urate crystals. One of the most commonly proposed home-made solutions is drinking 500 ml (half a litre) of natural (even carbonated) mineral water (or alkaline water) every hour (absolutely NOT tap water and absolutely not soda water) 500ml of water (preferably alkaline water or mineral water) every 1..5 (one and a half) hours; another is soaking your feet in very warm water before going to bed (after digesting your food) and, if you can, once more if you are relaxing in the day (still, after digesting your food, not on a full stomach). You can of course do both home remedies above. This aims at improving your blood circulation in a way that removes the already-formed urate crystals in the synovial fluid of your joints.

This page was about How to Lower Uric Acid Naturally but in the short-term. A more long-term solution (homeopathic and naturopathic) is explained here.