Homeopathy for Depression (& other great natural remedies)

Homeopathy for Depression & Emotional Trauma.  How Homeopathy and other great remedies can help against Depression or Sadness after a break-up, or emotional trauma of any kind, or when your love is painfully unrequited

Homeopathy for DepressionYears ago I had a tendency to jump from painful love to painful love.  One day I was ‘dumped’ by my ‘long-time’ boyfriend, suddenly and without warning.  Of course, now I am glad it happened and I wish it had happened earlier on in my life; however, at the time I was desperately sad and even depressed about it.  It was affecting my work and my daily life; my boss at the time (who was thankfully studying homeopathy in her spare time) suggested that I take Ignatia, which I did.  In a matter of hours I suddenly felt much better.  In a matter of days I was completely and definitely over him.  I am not saying here that homeopathy for depression will substitute your traditional medicine for clinical depression; moreover I always encourage people to seek the help of doctors who also have some form of homeopathy certification; but I am saying that I never, ever needed a ‘traditional medicine’ pill when I felt depressed.  Even after the sudden and premature death of my father (which was a horrific experience for me) homeopathy (and after that Reiki) helped me tremendously, from total despair to healing.  I will talk about emotional trauma further down.

What is Ignatia Amara and how does it work? Homeopathy for Depression.

Ignatia Amara is a powerful (yet devoid of any side-effects) homeopathic remedy (you can read more on how homeopathy works) which helps your mind ‘metabolize’ the pain of being ‘dumped’ or the pain after a break-up, divorce, some form of emotional trauma or even unrequited love; once it’s metabolized, you finally you have finally gone through the ‘black tunnel’ of pain and sadness (even despair) and come out on the other side, renewed and reinvigorated, full of hope for your future.  Homeopathy for Depression: what to do when your depression is due to a break-up or divorce:

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has just dumped you, so to speak, 200c (that is the potency, read more on potencies and dosages) of Ignatia Amara will help.  200c is an emergecy-type potency and will definitely help you get through the emotional pain.  If you cannot find 200c (most pharmacies only carry over-the-counter homeopathic remedies in the 6x or 30c potencies (30c is better in this case). But you CAN find 200c potencies online (see below).

Homeopathy for Depression: a potent Grief combination.  When I fell into utter despair due to the sudden and premature death of my father, I took a Grief combo made of homeopathic remedies and Back Flowers.  In particular, it was made of Ignatia & Nat Mur (remedies for emotional trauma) but also the Bach flower remedies of Gorse, Star of Bethlehem and Sweet Chestnut.  The potency was 200c, to be taken morning and evening (at least 30 minutes away from food and water). If you cannot find this Grief combo, Ignatia is however always a great start and the Back flower remedies highlighted above are always helpful (you can go to the Back Flowers website and read what their specific benefits are if you want).  I belief a simple Grief combination of Ignatia and the above-mentioned Bach flowers – which you can find easily – will help anybody who is suffering from emotional trauma.  We are not talking about being slightly upset because your boyfriend has looked at another woman in a ‘funny’ way; we’re talking about real, serious emotional trauma which, if left untreated, may well develop into chronic depression.

Before taking any homeopathic remedy by yourself, you must read our page on potencies and dosages, as homeopathy works very differently from traditional medicine in this regard as well.

One of my favorite online homeopathic dispensaries, very reputable and by far one of the best, is www.helios.co.uk.  They are in the UK.  Another excellent (and maybe more flexible in terms of potencies) is http://www.remedia-homeopathy.com/en/homeopathic-remedies/s1 (from Austria).

(please note that we do not own nor are we associated with these pharmacies in any way; however, we use them for ourselves and our homeopaths have all ordered from this pharmacy).